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Endorsed By Gov. Greg Abbott

Trey's Priorities For Texas

  • Regain the sovereignty of Texas by controlling our borders.
  • Keep property taxes low and rein in bureaucracy.
  • Support law enforcement and our 2nd Amendment rights.
  • Enable families to choose the educational setting that is best for their children while keeping public schools strong. I believe that parents are the best decision-makers and best educators in their children’s lives. 
  • I support the Texas Senate’s 2023 plan that would unequivocally keep public schools strong while creating Education Savings Account that will allow parents across Texas to choose the best educational setting, school, or environment for their individual child. And I look forward to advancing this proposal in the Texas House in 2025!
  • Protect the vulnerable unborn and elderly from harm.
  • Ensure the integrity of our elections.

Meet Trey Wharton

A Proven Successful Business Leader

Trey Wharton, successful business leader and Huntsville ISD Trustee, has announced that he is running in the Repubican Primary for Texas State Representative in District 12. Wharton has served on the Huntsville ISD board since 2015 and currently serves as the Board President. 

A graduate of Huntsville High School, Wharton attended Texas Christian University where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration-Finance degree. After beginning a career in the banking industry, Trey founded the Wharton Insurance Network in 1991 and has successful grown the business while continuously giving back to the community.